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About RateWorks

RateWorks was built to save you money. By servicing our loans directly, drivers of all kinds can benefit from lower car payments. We aim to make drivers happier with better refinancing rates, zero fees, and great customer service from RateWorks.

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Auto refinance and save with Rateworks
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RateWorks Auto Loan Refinancing Save You Money
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Our mission

Here at RateWorks, we promise:

Terms and rates designed for you

Loan terms and interest rates will be personalized to suit your financial situation and needs.

No hassle

The entire process will be straightforward and simple, without any of those unnecessary hurdles.

A clear car refinancing process

We pledge to always be transparent during your experience, with all steps clearly outlined and communicated to you.

No frustration

We're committed to a stress-free experience for our clients, providing dedicated customer service to address any questions or concerns.

who we are

Our core values guide every decision we make

At RateWorks, our values are the foundation of our success. They guide our decisions, actions, and relationships with customers, employees, and partners. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality, honesty, and trust in everything we do.

RateWorks Core Values Integrity

We believe in having the highest ethical standards, making sure our customers' best interests are at the center of every loan.

RateWorks Means Quality

We deliver exceptional service, accurate information, and reliable financial products to each and every one of our customers.

RateWorks Operates with Honesty

We are open and honest about fees, interest rates, and loan terms, ensuring full transparency throughout the process.

RateWorks a Company you can trust

We want our customers to trust us, knowing that we have their backs and will deliver on our promises.

Rateworks quote

“At RateWorks, we understand that refinancing your loan can be a daunting process. That's why we've built a platform that collects and processes loan applications quickly and accurately, so you can focus on finding the right loan for your needs. We're committed to providing exceptional service at every step of the way, from loan servicing to payment processing. At RateWorks, we believe in making the lending process easy, efficient, and transparent for our customers.”

Mark miller
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Questions about RateWorks

Check out some answers to common questions about auto refinancing with RateWorks.

What makes RateWorks different?
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How long will the process take?
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If I refinance, am I starting my loan over?
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Should I be concerned about confidentiality?
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Should I be concerned about my credit score?
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