Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes RateWorks different?

We are professional auto loan experts with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We do it all from creating our own rates to servicing our own loans the RateWorks team is here to get you the best rate and answer any questions.

When can I start saving?

As soon as you receive your new RateWorks loan terms! Start today by getting a quote to see how much you could save.

How can I save money?

A lower rate means lower monthly payments.  And if you are managing a tight monthly budget, we can make the terms and payments work for you.

If I refinance am I starting my loan over?

Not necessarily. Generally, when you refinance, your new lender pays off your current loan and replaces it new loan with better terms. To learn more about refinancing, check out our blog, What does refinancing mean?

How long will the process take?

Just minutes! Our entire process is online to save you time. However, if you need a bit of guidance, our team is on standby for any questions you may have.

Should I be concerned about confidentiality?

Nope.  We don’t require any of your personal information to create a quote.  If you like what you see, you’ll have the opportunity to create an application on the spot.

How much will I save?

That depends on your current rate and terms, but we’ve often saved drivers more than $110 per month and $1,200 per year.

Should I be concerned about my low credit score?

The best way to tell is by getting a quote - there is no obligation and no impact to your credit score!

The RateWorks way

RateWorks is a direct lender, we are with you throughout your journey ahead. We create our own rates, process our own applications, service our own loans, and conduct our own payment processing.


  • Collects application
  • Processes application
  • Services loan
  • Payment processing

Third party lenders

  • Collects application
  • Processes application
  • Services loan
  • Payment processing

Lead generators

  • Collects application
  • Processes application
  • Services loan
  • Payment processing

With RateWorks, you could start saving today!

Lower your auto loan payments, and lower your rate in a matter of minutes when you refinance your auto loan with us today! It's just that simple.