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RateWorks auto loan refinancing is designed for car enthusiasts and anyone who wants the best auto loan rates on their vehicle. Enjoy knowing you're getting the best possible car loan rates that fit your situation no matter how long the term.

Save Money and Refinance your auto loan with rateworks

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Save up to $100 per month
Auto refinance and save with Rateworks
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Auto refinancing with RateWorks

We offer the same rates for all term options, so you can feel confident knowing your situation is covered. We've saved customers hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on their loans, and we could do the same for you!

Auto refinance with Rateworks
It's a quick easy process

We offer a quick and easy process to get you a great rate for your new loan. Simply fill out our 100% online form and receive a personalized quote within minutes.

Auto refinance with Rateworks
Save more in your wallet

We’re committed to helping you get lower interest rates and better payoff terms on your car loans. This means more money in your wallet and more time spent exploring wherever the road may take you.

Auto refinance with Rateworks
We construct our own rates

Because we are the lender, we have more control on the low rates that we can pass along to you. Our commitment to transparency ensures you will receive fair and competitive terms on all of our offers.

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Why should you refinance?

Interest rates are constantly in flux. And with RateWorks, you can experience some substantial car loan refinance savings. Refinancing allows you to free up extra cash in your budget, pay off your loan faster, and improve your overall financial health.

Save more money

Refinancing your car loan with RateWorks is like finding a secret stash of cash under your car seat - except it's not a secret, and it's not under your car seat - it's right there in your wallet!

Pay off your loan faster

Refinancing your car loan with RateWorks hits the fast-forward button on your payment schedule - helping you pay off your car faster and get on the road to financial freedom.

Restructure your loan

Get on better terms with your loan payment - restructuring your current loan gives you the flexibility to enjoy a little financial breathing room when you need it!

Break up with banks

Our clients should always be stress-free from start to finish, but our experts are always here to help with any questions that do come up along the way.

How we compare

RateWorks vs other lenders

Even though other lenders claim to offer lower interest rates, they charge fees that can make up the difference. When comparing lenders, be sure to look at everything; the interest rate, length of loan, fees, and the monthly payment.

Loan Details
Other Lenders

Amount to Refinance



Rates and Terms

7.79% for 72 months

5% for 72 months


$0 fees


$2,133 fees

Total Amount Financed




Monthly Payment




*This number can vary based on customer information
Auto refinance your car
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Does your car qualify?

If you check these boxes, you may be ready for a refinance!

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Is your car under 140,000 miles?
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Have you made at least 3 payments on your loan?
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Is your vehicle under 10 years old?
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Our auto refinancing process

Auto loan refinancing with Rateworks
Get a quote

We make it easy to get a quote. With no hard credit check involved, all you need to do is head over to our free online form, select the state where you live, tell us the amount of your current monthly payment, your income, and information about your car. You’ll then have your projected payment amount in hand!

Save on your auto loan with RateWorks
Select your loan

Once you complete your quote portion of our form, you can accept the initial quote terms and choose how many months you'd like to pay off your new loan.

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Complete application

Once you've selected the terms on your new loan, one of our experts will verify your info and help you with the final steps on your application. You'll have your shiny new loan and can look forward to more money in your wallet!

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The RateWorks way

At RateWorks, we are dedicated to helping our customers save money and achieve their financial goals. Our commitment to integrity, quality, honesty, and trust is reflected in our direct servicing approach, which allows us to offer zero fees and exceptional customer service.

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Who we are

The RateWorks story

RateWorks is dedicated to helping car enthusiasts achieve lower interest rates on car loans.

Auto refinance with Rateworks

What they say about us

Join hundreds of satisfied RateWorks customers who have experienced our exceptional service firsthand plus our commitment to our core values of integrity, quality, honesty, and trust.

Rateworks testimonials
Rateworks testimonials
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Frequently asked questions

RateWorks is not like other car refinance companies. We offer a fast and hassle-free auto refinance process that saves you both time and money.

How long will the process take?
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How can I save money by refinancing?
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Should I be concerned about my credit score?
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If I refinance, am I starting my loan over?
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What factors are taken into consideration on my application?
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Auto Refinance Tips

Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the world of auto loan refinance and get practical advice and analysis to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.