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June 3, 2022

5 of the Best Apps For Gas Prices

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Matthew Oliver

5 of the best apps for gas prices

With gas prices on the rise, everyone is looking for ways to save at the pump. We have pulled together a list of 5 apps that can help you save money when you want to fill up.

5 apps that can help you save money when you want to fill up your gas tank.

Top 5 gas apps


GasBuddy offers several different resources and tools on both its website and app. One of the best tools within the app is the search along route feature; this allows you to find nearby gas stations and view the price of gas. The app will enable you to sort by city, state, zip code, fuel grade, or gas station brand to find the cheapest gas prices. GasBuddy is powered by crowd-sourcing, meaning users of the app can log current gas prices or leave a review of the gas station.

In addition, they also offer a free GasBuddy fuel card which allows customers even more opportunities to save money on gas. The GasBuddy card is not a credit or debit card, but a card linked to a bank account and gives customers access to further discounts when they use it.


Upside is a free app that offers cash back on gas and groceries. Upside offers discounts on gas prices in your local area. All you need is to upload a receipt of your gas purchase to the upside app to start saving money. Users can earn cashback in the form of a digital gift card or cash to their account, but there are some contingencies when depositing to an account. The best part of Upside is if you have a credit or debit card that offers gas rewards, you can earn Upside cash back in addition to your regular gas rewards.

Google Maps

Google Maps has many functions but have you ever used it to save money on gas prices? Google will show both gas stations nearby and gas stations along your route. While searching for gas stations is easy, comparing fuel prices is more challenging. Google has made it very easy to look up the nearest gas station by grouping all gas stations and making it easily searchable. However, depending on what type of device or view you are on, it can be hard to easily compare prices to find cheaper gas. Google Maps lists gas prices but finding the cost can sometimes be challenging.


Like the other apps, you can add a gas station along your route and view and compare prices for the cheapest gas. Where Waze differs is through its crowdsourcing information, users can update real-time traffic and police sightings. Waze will also update you to find the most efficient route on your drive. While this is not a "gas app," it is a great free app to have on your phone for all of its additional features.

Gas station apps

Most gas stations offer loyalty programs that allow you to earn points when you purchase gas or other convenience items. Certain gas stations will extend discounts and unique offers to users through these loyalty programs once they reach certain thresholds. Most gas stations such as Exxon, Shell, and Chevron have their own apps to save money on gas.

As gas prices continue to increase, these gas apps will allow you to make smarter decisions when making gas purchases. All apps included are available both on the IOS app store and google play store available to iPhone and Android users. As always, drive safely and download all apps before making your journey. If you are looking for other ways to save money, check out our other money matters blogs or get a free refinancing quote from Rateworks today - all quotes are free and do not impact your credit score, but can potentially save you hundreds.